At J2$ell, we want to share our excitement and passion in the auto industry to bring you from “8 to Great” one simple step at a time.

You will learn that we are very passionate about delivering tangible measurable results. To do that, our education for you needs to be “World Class”. We think that you’ll agree. What we have crafted with J2$ell is a powerful selling process that will help you create success for the life you desire.

What we absolutely love about this online format is that we can pass along many compelling stories, tips, anecdotes, and insider hacks without worrying what some editor would think about our material. This will help reinforce, add color, depth, and clarity to the key ideas for we’ll discover together to help you understand through the J2$ell Process. J2$ell wants to take you from 8 to Great! That’s 8 vehicles sold a month to being a great super achiever!

We also want to express our excitement to be able to use this online format to help make our concepts in the J2$ell process come to alive for you. You see, writing a book or printing our material can have many confinements. There has to be a certain flow, the right pace, and a specific perspective. As a child, it’s like coloring in the lines so to speak.

You will learn how these critical steps have been utilized and lived out by top automotive sale professionals and their success stories.

Meet James Vertz and Jon Rehorst, they're just like you.

Between James and Jon, they’re bringing you almost 50 years of automotive experience to J2$ell. They know a thing or two, because they’ve seen a thing or two. They’ve lived through the day to day grind in the auto business. They know and understand the challenges the business brings.

At J2$ell, we want to take what we have learned, the lessons from our struggles and create a blueprint for you to follow and help enjoy your passion in the automotive business.