Meet Jon.

Jon Rehorst is from Milwaukee, WI. You may have heard about their baseball team there. Jon has 28 years in the car business. He has served many roles at the dealership level - Sales, Sales Manager, F&I Manager, and General Sales Manager.

Jon was the Top Trainer for Half-a-Car / Ford Motor Company where he trained 1000s of sales people on a national level. He also managed 100’s of other sales trainers from around the world. He called on sold to OEM’s and worked with over 10 different auto brands.

Jon loves to hit the gym with his lovely girlfriend, Lauren, and play with his crazy pitbull, Shadow.

Meet James.

James Vertz is from a small town in Green Bay, WI. You may have heard about at their hometown football team there. 
James has spent the last 20+ years at a large automotive dealer. He sold cars and experienced the 30 day grind month in and month out all too often just like you.

James’s background and sales experience is very wide. James has spent time in sales, lease renewal, sales manager, marketing, digital solutions, social media, sales trainer, and automotive business development. 
Being that he has served in several roles at the dealership and wearing many hats that success requires, James is ready to share his passion and experience with you.

James has also trained under several auto leaders in the industry. Without dropping names, let’s just say he brings a certain humbled enthusiasm to J2$ell.